Karaoke with your iPod while showering


music-showcase.jpgNearly everyone has an iPod these days, and it comes as no surprise that the new and revamped range of digital audio players from Apple will cause even the staunchest, most vocal of anti-iPod evangelists to pause and think of jumping on the bandwagon . Of course, purchasing a brand new iPod is one thing, but keeping it safe and sound from the rigours of everyday use could be another problem. Most of us would think twice and even more when it comes to bringing our precious iPods to poolside events or a day out at the beach, as drowning your iPod could prove to be a traumatizing experience.

Thankfully, there is the Music Showcase which keeps your iPod safe and sound from water despite being tossed about like a boat in a storm. The Music Showcase will ensure your iPod remains afloat and more importantly, work normally. There is one gripe though, the Music Showcase comes with a pretty tough rubber membrane that requires you to press on the button quite firmly in order to control the music. That is a small price to pay for keeping your iPod dry, so not much complaints there though.

The front of the speaker also comes with the volume control, and the sound quality from such a diminutive speaker dock is surprisingly powerful at maximum volume, giving other better quality speakers such as Altec Lansing’s InMotion a run for its money. A quartet of AA batteries is claimed to offer up to 30 hours of power, and if you want to sit beside the pool admiring the view, you can use the fold-out stand to keep the iPod standing beside you. Of course, there no longer is any worry of the resident pool bully kicking your iPod into the water with the Music Showcase. At £80 a pop, the Music Showcase offers pretty decent value-for-money.

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