CCRadio Plus – Portable AM-FM-TV-Weather Radio

by Tiago

CCRadio Plus - Portable AM-FM-TV-Weather Radio
The improved version of the CC Radio is also known as CC Radio Plus, and let me tell you: I have seen plenty of radios in my life but this is on the top 5, or maybe I’m just over reacting and if that is the case, please say so!

This cool gadget is capable of making pancakes for breakfast delivering both FM and AM radio – it can even pick stations from 300 miles away, or so they say. With the CCRadio Plus you are also able to listen to local TV channels because it has a special TV audio receiver. Besides the radio features it comes with an alarm for whenever there are weather emergencies, by using it you will instantly know about any kind of emergency alerts so you can escape instead of being hit by a tornado while sleeping.

The good features don’t end there, for the people that like to start the sleeping scene while listening to one specific radio station that only plays music, but at the same time, like to wake up to the sound of a different station that has a special talking show, the CCRadio Plus offers the ability to create a preset hour and it will automatically switch to the desired station.

On the radio itself, there are input & output jacks and an external antenna to be used in case the radio signal isn’t clear enough. It comes with a AC adapter but, if you are a big time traveler and would like to take the radio with you, just use 4 D batteries and enjoy +250 hours of continuous play.

CCRadio Plus is available on silver or black for $149 at SmartHome.

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Tom Elliott Says: August 11, 2007 at 6:31 am

I bought a CCRadio when they were first introduced after about a year the preset buttons on the top one by one would not work then after some very humid weather the LCD faded and washed out so you had to guess what you were tuning in. A local talk show host had been boasting about what a great radio it was. I emailed him and told him of all the problems I had with my CCRadio and he contacted C Crane and they had me send the old radio back and sent me a new CCRadio. I was pleased with that but again after the next round of humid summer weather the LCD washed and faded away. The radio works well enough but the display features are useless, no clock alarm or sleep timer not to mention you must guess the band and frequency you are looking for. I know that I cannot be the only one with this problem. If anyone has had the same problem with their CCRadio please share it, they charge quite a bit for these radios so they should stay fully functional in any climate. I live in Michigan which is not an extreme climate, cold dry winters warm humid summers.

Roger Says: April 26, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Tom, the following link confirms your “failing display” experience. (see bottom of page)

Also, seems there IS a sleep timer,
But I prefer a type that will automatically shut off at same (preprogrammed) time every night.

Jessica Says: June 15, 2009 at 8:52 am

I am looking for a radio that gets FM/AM/TV signal with the new digital change over…..will this cc radio work??

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