Carve out your very own frog


frog-dissection-kit.jpgBring biology lessons to the next level with the Frog Dissection Kit from Jack Spade. Anyone with a fear of this wet and slimy amphibian back in school will appreciate the lengths Jack Spade went through to bring you a home dissection kit to prepare you for your upcoming biology exam. It does make one wonder what attributes a frog has that makes it a personal favourite with laboratories worldwide.

Kissing this dead and preserved frog definitely won’t bring it back to life, but it sure gets you up close and personal with a once-living creature. You might as well make full use of it and expand your knowledge of a frog’s innards after purchasing the Frog Dissection Kit. This vacuum-sealed formaldehyde treated amphibian comes with all the necessary tools to help you slice its belly open, including a tray and a guide to help ease the learning curve.

Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase online, but you can pick it up anytime you are around the vicinity of the Big Apple’s Jack Spade store. Pricing details are currently unavailable.

Source: Cool Hunting

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