BicyTaxi – Human Powered Taxi

by Tiago


The Bicy Taxis are not like an ordinary taxi that has 4 wheels and doors, they are more like 3 wheels, no doors and powered by human force. It can be considered the American version of tuk tuk (asian bicycle taxis) without an engine but with the same concept – even the advertising on the vehicle is used in both situations – and with more style.

These kind of taxis can be seen at New York City and being eco-friendly is one of their biggest positive points, they only have a small engine to help drivers pedal on big hills or when the vehicle is too loaded, all the other work is done by the driver pedaling the “bicycle”. This same engine is battery-powered and charged with the help of solar panels that are on the BicyTaxis garage – it can’t get more environment friendly than this, it doesn’t even create pollution. Did I mention that the BicyTaxi is mainly created using recycled material?

While it has some strong arguments as pros, the cons must also be noted:

  • too slow, but depending on the traffic it can have a better performance than cars
  • it doesn’t look too safe and I can only imagine the damages after being involved in an accident
  • after getting in the taxi you won’t be able to say “follow that car” like it happens in some movies
  • in cold and rainy conditions I wonder how the passengers will feel like

Besides being used as taxis, they can also help in the sightseeing and city tours kind of work in the Manhattan area.

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