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honeywell-weather-station.jpgMost of the time, we tune in to the TV or radio (and even the Internet these days) to get the latest on the weather. Why dictate your life around such media when you can have a personal and accurate weather forecast reading from the comfort of your home? The Honeywell Professional Weather Station not only displays the time and temperature, it is equipped with a plethora of wireless sensors that transmits data continuously so that you are able to view a list of local conditions simultaneously. The time shown is retrieved via radio signals from the U.S. atomic clock which is one of the most accurate clocks in the world.

You can power the Honeywell Professional Weather Station via an AC adapter or four AA batteries. The main unit comes with multiple wireless sensors that are capable of measuring the wind speed and direction, level of rainfall, UV levels, and indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity. These sensors are made from durable, high-quality plastic which are more than capable of surviving under extreme conditions, be it in the sizzling summer heat or the chilly winter cold. Compiled data is displayed in the window which comes with a blue LED backlight for easier reading in dark or poorly lighted conditions.

There are 5 windows available for you to peruse through the data – the temperature and humidity window, the pressure and weather forecast window, the rain and wind window, the clock and alarms window, and the UV and sunrise/sunset window. Additional information can be obtained when you hook up the Professional Honeywell Weather Station to your PC via the included USB cable. Pick up this portable and hardy weather oracle today for $299.99 today from Smart Home.

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