CD/DVD Title Printer

by Mike

CD/DVD Title Printer
Writing on your CDs with a Sharpie is good enough for most people, but it definitely isn’t professional looking. If professionalism is what you’re looking for, you won’t mind paying the cash for a CD/DVD Title Printer.

It looks like a standard labeler, a bit bulky, and a keypad and a small display. The only difference is that it will write onto your discs instead of making those hard-to-peel labels.

You can print up to 16 lines at a resolution of 200 dpi, there are even some little graphics you can put on. Over 650 symbols are built in, with five fonts to choose from, and 14 different languages.

The display is a bit disappointing, it will only show you twelve characters at once, so checking for errors may be hard.

If the stock 650 symbols aren’t enough for you, you can use the included USB cable to hook the printer to your computer and use the software, also included, to transfer new symbols and maybe even fonts.

The printer ribbon will last you for up to 50 discs, and one is included with your purchase. You also get ten blank CDs, which is extremely generous, considering how expensive those are these days. You can either use 8 AA batteries (which are included) to power the printer, or buy yourself the AC adapter.

The CD/DVD Title Printer is a bit on the expensive side, $130, but if you need professional looking discs for presentations, or just prefer them that way, it’s a good choice.

Available at Hammacher.

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