Snowboard Without a Mountain


Moterized Snowboard
I’ve never done snowboarding but when I do this is the sort of kit I want, Snow Carver (the motorized snow board)

Jimmy D’z Snow CarverTM (as seen in Transworld Snowboarding Magazine), is an exciting new powered snowboard, that is currently in production. Jim Decker (inventor) has perfected the powered snowboard with a unique, precision weight balance design. The Powered Snow Carver opens new markets and terrain and activities to the sport of snowboarding. The rider is propelled by the engine and track, experiencing the thrill of carving and maneuvering turns and speed in the open space. Have a few hills in your area, the Snow CarverTM goes up and down hills too. Sold as a kit or complete with Snowboard this high quality unit is designed for durability and reliability.

Drive System

  • 134 c.c. 2 stroke Power BeeTM engine by US Motor Power, Inc.
  • Gas tank 1.1 gal.
  • Brakes – drum and band type.
  • The SnowCarverTM uses a CVT (continuously variable transmission)
  • Each drive unit is fitted with the Patented Mechanical Carving System.
  • Speed_ 35 mph


  • Weight Shift Turnability.
  • Hand-Held Controller.
  • controls variable speed/brakes
  • kill button
  • tether switch, engine dies if dropped

Prices start from $3,300, further info and buy online at Jimmy D’z.
Snow Carver in Action

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Dionysus Says: November 6, 2006 at 9:10 am

What a great idea. You can snowboard anywhere there is snow. I love it!

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