Gadget Gallery up to 09-12-2006


This is a test for a work in progress, all of our latest posts with thumbnail images. The aim is to help all readers (especially those that subscribe to our RSS feed) find our latest gadget posts without reading :).

Hi-Tech Pavement (Sidewalk)
Splash Power – The Wireless Gadget Charger
Snowboard Without a Mountain
Honey, I shrunk the PlayStation 2
Vocal Smoke Alarm works better than banshee screams
Outdoor Entertainment Island
Deluxe Chocolatiere
Skeletal Dog Light
Hands-Free Umbrella
SkyTRX Mini Tracker
Browzar Updates
Ice cold beer available 24/7
Pool Gadgets – Series 4
Arcade Mania Sit Down with 150 classic games
EZ Faucet
Groovy Mug
The Jitterbug
Katie Couric’s Photoshop Diet
Fancy a hot cup of joe anytime, anywhere?
Klipsch iGroove

This is the first beta test post of this kind, if you have any feedback or suggestions please leave a comment or a post in our forums. Thanks.

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