Vocal Smoke Alarm works better than banshee screams


vocal-smoke-alarm.jpgThe Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a report noting that regular smoke alarms used in homes worldwide are ineffective in waking up a sleeping child. This report encompasses children who are below the age of 16. Specialists also lay claim that 95% of all children are more than able to sleep through the shrill of a fire alarm, even though it rings at a shrill 120 decibels. With such dire statistics, is there any hope for the little ones in the event of a fire?

Fear not, the very same research also shows that a familiar voice is often the most effective method to wake children up. With this in mind, purchasing and installing the Vocal Smoke Alarm is a no brainer, especially when lives are at stake in the event of an emergency. All you have got to do is to record your very own message via the built-in microphone and aim the directional speaker at the kids’ pillow so that they can wake up and hear your instructions during an emergency.

The Vocal Smoke Alarm is also equipped with a photoelectric sensor that makes it much more effective in detecting smoke before it rages into an uncontrollable fire. You can pick one up today for $29.90, which is extremely affordable considering the original price of $69.95 has been slashed. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, the Vocal Smoke Alarm should be installed into every home.

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