Outdoor Entertainment Island

Outdoor Entertainment Island
Surely the Outdoor Theatre Kit is enough luxury to satisfy just about anyone, but no, some people need more.

The Outdoor Entertainment Island is catered to a very small niche, those who have a income large enough to buy an excellent entertainment system for both the interior and exterior of their house.

At first, you would thing the island is just a accessory, which it is, but it’s much more than meets the eye. At the touch of a button, a 42 inch JVC Plasma screen rises from the island.

Not only do you get the plasma, but there are also four 6” Clarion surround-sound speakers. Don’t worry about bass; the subwoofer is built into the island itself. Also built in is a CD/DVD player, AM/FM radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio compatibility. The standard AV inputs are included which allow you to hook up your cable or satellite receiver.

The island itself was designed to withstand all sorts of weather, be it water, wind, cold, or pretty much everything else. You don’t have to hand-clean this either, just put the hose on it, that’s right, you can hose it down. Obviously, the plasma screen should be in the down position when doing this. . .

Forget about getting a new car, or paying for your child’s education, or retirement, or any of those silly, worthless things! Spend your next $17,000 on your very own Outdoor Entertainment Island. Buy yours, which will probably be the first one they’ve ever sold, from Front Gate.