SkyTRX Mini Tracker

by Tiago

SkyTRX Mini

If you ever wanted to act as a detective towards your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and check where they really go when they stay late for work, this mini tracker is what you need. The pocket-size device tracks the movements by using GPS and provides almost exact current locations with a 2.5 meters margin. Being small and efficient aren’t the only two benefits, actually it’s full of nice features like being able to work with Google Earth.

It records all kind of data that can be useful when confronting the suspect with questions, you will have answers to – where/when/how fast/how long – related to the suspect’s vehicle. So when the accused persona says he/she spent the night working on the office, you are able to know if that is true or not and where exactly he/she went. The recorded data can be provided on 3 different formats: street map, satellite images, or text report.

The SkyTRX Mini Tracker works with 2 AAA batteries, to make them last longer there is a motion detector that conserves power when the vehicle is stopped and to know when the power is close to none there is a LED indicator. Since it is suppose to work with/on a vehicle, (could be placed on a wallet too but that’s not the scenario I’m creating) it has to be ready for terrible weather conditions and that is why being water resistant is just one more good feature. In terms of battery life it depends on the type if you use alkaline or lithium batteries, and also on the time that the GPS is activated.

Mini Tracker

+ info on battery life

It’s available at for $300, or at SpyBase for $289.

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