Pool Gadgets – Series 4

by Tiago

More pool gadgets = more fun while using your pool. That is what I have been trying to do on the latest series, it’s an attempt to help you pick some cool gadgets to have fun on the water. Find out the other series:
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On these series the budget is high, but so is the quality of the products. The Inflatable Iceberg is the biggest and most fun floating item I have seen, seriously. It measures 4 meters and half that you can climb, the ascension can be done on one of the 3 walls since the fourth one is just a big slide. The 3 walls have different difficult levels, from easy to almost impossible which is intended for experts only. As you can see on the image, this iceberg is huge so you better have a huge pool too.

Inflatable Iceberg

The next gadget is perfect for bad parents kids that don’t know how to swim yet, the Safety Turtle is a package with 2 products, consisting on a wristband that is always on and must be placed on your son’s arm/leg, and a base station that can be 150 feet away from the pool. How it works: if your kid is playing around the pool and accidentally falls, the wristband is programmed (after being immersed in water) to send a signal to the base station that afterwards sounds a blasting alarm. No more tragic deaths, you and your kids will be safe with this one.

Safety Turtle

At last, there is something for your pet to help him get in and out of the pool. With the Pet Ramp there is no excuse for your old dog to not get a bath too, the ramp surface is non-slip and made of non-rust, odor-free polypropylene and fiberglass composite.

Pet Ramp


  • Inflatable Iceberg – €7,000 ($8,860)
  • Safety Turtle – $160
  • Pet Ramp – $150

5 reviews or comments

Mike Says: September 10, 2006 at 7:45 pm

Oh my, I want that inflatable ice berg! 😀

It would be so much fun to just jump off from the top! Excellent find!

TC Says: September 10, 2006 at 8:27 pm

Why the male-0-centric tone of this post? The child is “your son,” and the dog is “he.” Well, I suppose girls float better.

But the Iceberg does look fun.

I do enjoy your posts, thanks.


Tiago Says: September 10, 2006 at 11:38 pm

TC, the male-o-centric tone just happens unexpectedly, I don’t do it on purpose. I took special attention in your comment and didn’t include the gender on my other post about the SkyTRX

I’m glad you like my posts, I enjoy that you enjoy reading them 🙂

Mike, with €7,000 the ice berg is yours, buy it and don’t forget of inviting me to use it,ehe.

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