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perlick-beer-dispenser.jpgEven though this summer had been tough on most of us, with ever-increasing temperature no thanks to our gas-guzzling monsters we call cars, a bunch of stinkers at the box office, and the overall dearth of the economy, you will realize that there is still a glimmer of hope as you kick back and relax in your La-z-Boy lounge chair, taking a nice, long swig of the nectar of the gods. Somehow, chugging a few glasses of beer down often soothes the nerves and bring about an overall sense of calm.

The Perlick Beer Dispenser is bound to keep your beer belly happy as it ensures you get perfectly chilled drinks no matter what time of the day it is. Perlick is offering a wide range of choices that will suit any home, be it a mansion with sprawling grounds or a tiny apartment with little space to spare. The Perlick Beer Dispenser is available in a 24″, 48″ and a much larger outdoor version. You not only get to stock your favorite range of beers inside, you can also store other essential drinking liquids such as wine and sodas to suit the meal of the moment.

Made from commercial-grade stainless steel interiors, these Beer Dispensers come in choices of up to 3 beer taps for a single undercounter refrigerated cabinet so that all three of you can hold a drinking session simultaneously. As we all know, beers that are not chilled properly taste terrible. The Perlick Beer Dispenser ensures that does not happen with a variable speed compressor that offers precise temperature control in an energy-efficient cooling manner. A 2″ thick wall offers superior insulation and minimizes vibration.

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