EZ Faucet

by Mike

EZ Faucet
For those few people that think those automatic sinks in public bathrooms are just the coolest things they’ve ever seen and just wished they could get one for their own homes, can now get it. It’s called the EZ Faucet.

It’s pretty much an adaptor that hooks onto your existing faucet. It will trun the water on when your hand is under the infrared sensor.

There are actually some real reasons to get this, other than it being so cool. The first being for your health, just about everyone in your family touches the faucet multiple times a day, getting their germs all over it. Now you can just pop your hands under without getting any germs on you, hoorah!

The next reason is to save yourself a bit of money. Pretty much everyone has forgotten to turn the water off and let it sit for a minute or two, maybe longer, sure it may not seem like much, but it does add up. The EZ Faucet will turn off as soon as your hand isn’t detected, meaning you can’t forget to turn it off, it does it itself!

The battery life on this thing is pretty impressive, you can put four AAA batteries in and they should last for about one and a half years!

The EZ Faucet is available from iTouchless for $60. If you get it, you’ll be the coolest person around, and maybe save a buck or two on your water bill each month.

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