Reversible Media Center

by Mike

Although I, and most other geeks would agree, feel that nothing can make a room look better than a nice large plasma, especially if it’s wall mounted. However, there are some poor souls out there that feel plasmas/LCDs are tacky, and don’t flow with the room.

You can get the best of both worlds now, a great looking TV, and a nice looking piece of furniture. It’s called the Reversible Media Center. One side has a set of normal looking shelves, but the other side, which turns about easily, is empty, a perfect spot to put a nice big plasma.

This thing is really geared for electronics. On the bottom, there are some compartments in which you can store your cable receiver, DVD player/stereo, Tivo, and everything else you have.

There’s also three electric outlets built into the unit, so getting all (three, at least) your electronics powered won’t be a problem. The TV compartment can handle a TV as small as 42” or as big as 50”.

The media center comes with three panels for the lower compartments: glass, mesh, and wood. That way you can hide all your electronics from view 😮 if, for some odd reason, need to.

Getting a fine piece of furniture like this will not come cheap. The price tag is $7,000, keep in mind that doesn’t even include the TV! That means adding another $3,00 to the total, so expect to pay around $10,000 if you ever want this in your home. Available at Front Gate.

[via Born Rich]

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