Light Speakers hypnotizes with color range


color-phase-speakers.jpgEven if your desktop is equipped with a pair of high-end speakers, they still look pretty drab when compared side-by-side with these ice-cool Light Speakers that are guaranteed to set the tongues of anyone who lays eyes on them wagging, and for good reason. These speakers are equipped with optically enhanced LED light cones that are capable of displaying over 200 color combinations, ensuring you will never see the same performance twice. The advantage of using such technology ensures that the lighting results do not only look stunning at night, they are equally mesmerizing during the day.

The Light Speakers can be configured to display up to three unique lighting patterns, and you can choose from ‘Snake’, ‘Waterfall’ and ‘Random’. They are pretty much self-explanatory, and these lighting patterns do not just move in a preset speed, but it flashes and grooves to the beats emitted by the currently playing track. This means a faster tune from Ministry of Sound, for example, will elicit similar effects as seen in clubs while a romantic ballad by Elvis will result in a soothing, constant stream of light. Alternatively, you can also stick to a static color which proves to be considerably less funky but provides a calming effect instead.

These speakers pump out tunes at 5 watts of power each. Constructed from high-grade polycarbonate, each speaker is equipped with a control knob that enables you to select the color mode as well as the volume level. The speakers measure 11cm x 10cm x 10cm each. You can pick up a pair for $89.98 from

Source: Ubergizmo

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