Cutting Scale ensures perfect amount of ingredients


cutting-scale.jpg We all know how specific ingredients can be when it comes to recipe books – a quarter tablespoon of salt, seven pinches of sugar, a teaspoon of olive oil. Only experienced hands in the kitchen are good enough to go about cooking by the Force feeling, and these people won’t need any technologically advanced aids to know how much more salt is needed in the chicken paprika that you are making. Unfortunately, there are more average cooks than good ones available, which is why this concept Cutting Board ought to make the perfect wedding gift for couples who are starting out a brand new life together. That, or either your kid who is off to college and living on his/her own.

Jess Griffin and Jim Termeer has successfully developed a cutting board that comes with a built-in scale embedded within the surface area which is denoted by a circle. You can now throw away the kitchen scale as this nifty kitchen utensil enables you to chop away and measure your ingredients on the same tool itself, reducing preparation and cleaning time which translates to a faster cooked meal.

The board measures a large 10″ x 15″ and displays the weight of ingredients in grams in bold red so that you will not be able to miss it. If only this prototype will go into production soon. There is definitely a huge market for a device like this, and those who indulge in precise recipes are guaranteed to form a queue the moment the Cutting Board goes on sale.

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