Litebook chases away the blues

litebook.jpgIt is no secret there are people who suffer from depression and mood swings whenever summer checks out and autumn sets in. This condition gets progressively worse during the winter months as sunlight is available in extremely limited quantity. Majority of therapists recommend sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to remain in the presence of artificial light in order to keep their spirits up, but this would mean staying indoors most of the time. The Litebook aims to let you live life as normal as possible, providing a portable device that has been clinically proven to stave off the effects of SAD with over twenty four extremely bright white LEDs within.

The Litebook ships with its very own stand and a clip-on gym equipment attachment, virtually ensuring you can use this device anywhere you go, even while sweating out your frustrations and stress away at the local gym. Some benefits of light therapy includes feeling more energized the natural way, a noticeable improvement in your mood, a much more relaxing sleep, and the positive points of bringing the sun indoors without nasty side effects like sun burn.

The LEDs used in the Litebook have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, which equals to plenty of time spent under artificial light. These LEDs come encased within an injection-molded, impact-resistant ABS plastic outer shell that not only offers adequate protection to the LEDs within, but makes a light and portable therapy device. The Litebook is tipped to be available at stores near you when October rolls around for the recommended retail price of £199.00. Each purchase is bundled with an AC power adapter and a nylon carrying case.

Source: Ubergizmo