by Mike

For the iPod hound that has everything under the sun, including the miFlower, here’s another one to add to the collection: an iFish.

The iFish is billed as a musical pet for your iPod, as if a normal set of speakers just wouldn’t cut it. Your iFish will play just about any MP3 player, too, but the iPod is definitely its main focus, given the white body of the fish, and the whole “i” naming scheme.

There are speakers built into the iFish, however they’re probably pretty small and provide minimal volume and quality. That’s come to be expected with these sorts of gadgets, so it shouldn’t be shocker.

Your iFish will swim to the sound waves of your tunes, the tail, fins, and body will all move along with your music. There are even LEDs scattered across the body for added affect.

Three sensors are built into the iFish, one for audio, light, and touch which all respond to its sensory environment. Kind of cool, kind of freaky.

The whole thing measures 8.5” long and requires 3 AAA batteries to run, allowing your iFish to go everywhere!

The category of iPod accessories is huge, and this one is actually semi unique, albeit a bit silly. Don’t expect killer sound quality, or even decent sound quality, but it’ll sure provide a couple minutes of entertainment as you watch it wiggle as you listen. The price isn’t so great, you’re going to pay $50 to get yourself an iFish. Available from Sharper Image.

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