Rev-Olution Alarm Clock

by Tiago

Rev-Olution Alarm Clock

The Rev-Olution Alarm Clock belongs in 4 categories: noisy, stressful, original and progressive, just like the other “wake up clock”. The noisy section is part of the whole car theme, I’m talking about the sound that comes of this alarm clock which is similar to an engine that goes into high speed and than disappears, it can get a bit annoying but it’s perfect to wake up. It’s original because it really resembles a car with the rev counter and pointer, plus displaying the time where the speed is suppose to be, and to have a final car comparison there is also a headlight that lights up the time.

The other two categories – stressful and progressive – are a result of the engine noise. Features the magical “snooze” button that we all love to press and it’s kind of small but that is a good thing, only measures 18 x 12 x 12cm – I’ve heard this is the perfect dimension for an alarm clock.

If you are a car fanatic this will probably be in your Christmas list, so in order to don’t forget about the rev-olution it is better if you bookmark this page, seriously… Remember that it costs $54 and is available at iWantOneOfThose.

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