Pool Gadgets – Series 2

by Tiago

Underwater Laser Light Show - All-weather Hardwood Cooler - DryEar

The topic for the second series of pool gadgets is associated with products that are useful during a pool party, some of them are strange other are obvious, lets see if you can check the difference.

To give the pool a party feeling you will need some cool lights, right? Is there anything better than an Underwater Laser Light Show? I guess not. The small device floats on the surface and creates a disco effect by projecting different light patterns on the pool, this will attract dancers to get the party rolling. It works with 3 AA batteries and has a simple on/off system for it to work. In case your pool is gigantic and has over 10,00 gallons of water, it is better to get some supplemental lights to extend the projection.

A social event (read pool party) always includes drinks, preferably cold ones. So, instead of making people get the drinks inside the kitchen you can get a portable cooler and place it near the pool. The All-weather Hardwood Cooler is capable of that and has two extra positive points: looks good in white which is the only color available, and withstands the heat/moisture effects.

Last but not least, the DryEar is able to make the wetness (caused by the pool water) inside your ear disappear in one minute. On a more technical level here is how it works: “uses completely safe, patented microchip technology in combination with a gentle heater and fan to blow a regulated flow of warm air into the ear canal.”


  • Underwater Laser Light Show – $18
  • All-weather Hardwood Cooler – $249
  • DryEar – $99,50

On the previous Pool Gadgets series I talked about a pool water level controller, a multi-functional radio and a fountain – check it out if you are a pool lover.

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