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We had a fair few entries to our gadget suggestion competition, many were gadgets that you could buy whilst others were concepts that we’d like to get our mitts on. Thanks for every body who took part and I’ll now write about the ones that really stood out before announcing the winner.

The Cellucopter by Hoomamooma

More and more is getting crammed into mobile phones these days but this one is probably a step too far, your own personal helicopter built into your mobile, the cellucopter.

Interactive Star Wars Light Saber Game suggested by clvezlys
Star Wars Game

I’ll be making a full post about this one later and if your a fan of Star Wars this one is a must (available from Hammacher).

Ferrofluid – Liquid Magnet submitted by Alan the Great (no relation 🙂 and early by Giorgi)


These just look cool, if it wasn’t for the fact the Giorgi had already discussed these on the forum before the competition it would of been a likely winner.

One of the most fun and interesting science experiments around. Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid that takes the shape of any magnetic field applied to it, and changes in density (it gets thicker) in a magnetic field. It’s an AMAZING tool for visualizing magnetic fields in three dimensions! With a bottle of ferrofluid and some strong magnets, you’ll be set for hours of fun experiments and demonstrations

Hover Chess by Case
Purely a concept at the moment but if Case has his way, expect to see this one in the shops 🙂

Imagine a chess board but has lots of super tinny holes in a specific patten all most like you would on a air hockey table… the checker pieces would have to be perfectly shaped and balanced basically air is forced up from these holes to make a holding pattern with air causing the checker pieces to float in mid air a half inch off the board… would be fun neat checker board…

And the winner is

Pet Cells

I wrote about this as soon as I saw it, the Pet Cell Phone, I think it’s great in a crazy kind of way. Congratulations to Girl who wins herself $50 worth of Think Geek vouchers.

Thanks to everybody who dropped us a gadget suggestion. We will be hosting a number of quick contests over the next month on an ad hoc basis, if you haven’t joined the forums yet there’s no time like the present :).

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Giorgi Says: September 2, 2006 at 2:31 am

Heey, I submitted that! who is “Alan the Great”

Al Says: September 2, 2006 at 3:00 am

I did mention they’d already been brought up in the forums (before the competition though), I’ll modify the post to include you 🙂

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