VDO Dayton MS5700 simplifies navigation


vdo-dayton-ms5700.jpgMost in-car navigation systems are affixed on the vehicle’s dashboard, thus forcing the driver to take his or her eyes off the road for a split-second. The VDO Dayton MS5700 ensures that your eyes remain fixed on the road by being placed on the rear view mirror itself. It will occupy the left hand side of the rear view mirror, bringing all the essential data to you via the 4-inch display. You will still retain the full functionality of the rear view mirror without losing any notable visibility.

In reality, the MS5700 is the marriage of two VDO Dayton products – the flagship PC5700 and the MM2100 mirror. The former is the central console device that processes all the information and routes it back tot he display. The MS5700 is not compatible with the generic rear view mirror as it has to connect its highly advanced monitor which is embedded behind the mirror via a single cable that remains out of sight in the mirror’s arm, running through the roof and into the navigation system’s computer.

The mirror will display all the information in a 4:3 ratio and boasts an integrated speaker that pumps out instructions in a clear and concise manner. You will also get an infrared eye that can be manipulated via a remote control. Manual controls are included to adjust the brightness and volume settings. The MS5700 comes bundled with a lone 8.5GB DVD that stores the entire road map across Europe. With over 1,500,00 Points of Interests, you will have more time to visit all of them by getting there in the fastest time possible safely.

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