Transfer your pictures to CDs on the go with PrimeFoto

I know someone that travels internationally a lot who uses one of those fancy DSLR cameras. For them, you need a lot of memory space on your camera, 1 GB just won’t cut it. But there’s a limit on how big your card can be, and if you’re going to take hundreds of pictures a day, you’ll run out of room mighty fast. Unless you’ve got quick access to a computer, you’re stuck with a full card unless you delete some pictures.

For most people, that situation will never happen, but for the few who it does happen to, the PrimeFoto will solve all of your problems, camera related at least. It does one thing and does it well: it will transfer the photos on your memory card to a CD without a computer.

You do get some form of customization on the burns, though, if you connect the PrimeFoto to a TV, you can select only the photos you want burned instead of burning the whole batch. There’s the ability to create a slideshow, too, so you can view them easily on the TV (burned discs work with most DVD players) with friends and family after the trip.

You’re memory card is pretty much guaranteed to be supported, but if you’re wondering, it supports CF I/II, Microdrive, SD, MMC, SM, and MS. As of right now, only regular format (single layer) DVDs are supported.

The PrimeFoto is relatively portable, weighing in at 4 pounds and it’s about 3 inches high 9 inches long. Small enough to pack in your suitcase, but it might get a bit heavy in a travel bag.

For some people the PrimeFoto is a life saver, others feel it’s stupid and you should just take fewer pictures. If you’re in the first group, you can find it at firstSTREET for $250.

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  1. If you have an iPod, you can also store your photos in there with Apple’s adaptor. I did this in a recent trip to Japan where I shot about 15GB of photos.

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