The PetLoo

by Mike

The PetLoo
Having the luxury of a backyard is nice when you’ve got a dog, otherwise, where are they going to go the bathroom, your carpet? I imagine it’s a pain bringing your dog down twenty stories and going to the nearest park. It might be good exercise, but it’s a pain, too.

An apartment and dog owner had this problem, too, and set out to create a solution. Three years later, the PetLoo was born.

It’s essentially a tiny piece of backyard (artificial, of course) for your dog to use as the bathroom. Urine drains right down (it’s graded) and it’s easy to empty. There’s no automatic method to pick up the #2, but it’s much easier to find + pick up on a little square patch of grass than in some massive park. Just don’t let it sit to long, it might smell.

The plastic turf on top has been treated so it won’t smell funnily, and cleaning (which you’ll want to do regularly) is easy. You can just use warm water, no chemicals or other anti bacterial soaps.

The hardest part about the PetLoo may be getting your do to actually use it, but who knows, maybe it’ll love it. There’s nothing to not like about this, either, it’s convenient for you, safe for the environment, and easy to maintain. The official site on the PetLoo, along with places to buy and more information, can be found here.

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chelsea Says: February 22, 2010 at 6:18 pm

its a good idea but what if they went poopoo ? that would et stuck in the fake grass and would be a pain to get out…i would think ! all these inventions are good but they r always bypassing some factors !

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