Pool Gadgets – Series 1

by Tiago

Pool Water Level Controller - Rechargeable Fan with Radio - Pool Fountain

Today I will bring you some interesting gadgets that can become a valuable addition to your pool.

Lets start with the Pool Water Level Controller, a small device that needs to be connected to a garden hose in order to work, like the name indicates – the purpose of this product is to control the water level. You are able to set a minimum level and whenever the sensor checks that the water level has dropped, it will refill the pool automatically. Too bad it can’t do the opposite and remove water from the pool when it starts raining…

The next item is a 2-in-1 gadget. Imagine yourself at the pool with the sun shining on your bald and having nothing to distract you, this means no books to read, no MP3 player to listen, no TV to watch, so what is a person suppose to do?

You could begin by getting a fan to keep the heat off you, and a portable radio would be a good idea too! Actually, that is what the Rechargeable Fan with Radio offers, with 2 speed settings and supporting AM/FM radio this is man’s best friend, excluding dogs and beer of course.

To finish off, the last gadget will make your pool get a better look, with style too. Having a Pool Fountain was always a dream of mine, thank god Frontgate for offering one with three tiers that can make the water go 15′ high and with a 360º effect as well, did I mention it is cheap?


  • Pool Water Level Controller – $99
  • Rechargeable Fan with Radio – $79,50
  • Three-tier Pool Fountain – $35

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