Ceiling Bike Lift

Ceiling Bike Lift
This is a really cool gadget which can help you get the most out of your garage or storage area. If you find you have a really cluttered garage and don’t have room for your bike, why not strap it to the ceiling? The Ceiling Bike Lift lets you do this quickly and easily so you can fill the floor space with other fun stuff.

What I like the most about this gadget is its overall ease of use. If you thought of hanging your bike from the ceiling it would usually involve a ladder, a lot of awkward lifting and probably a few minor injuries ;). This great and simple idea lets you easily store your bike on the ceiling even for daily use as opposed to long-term storage.

The system uses a unique pulley mechanism to allow you lift your bike quickly and safely to ceilings as much as 14 ft. high! It can even support up to 50 lbs. so if you wanted to you could use this gadget to store other things as well.

The Ceiling Bike Lift is even idiot proof with a smart locking system that allows you to life the bike up high without fear of major head damage! It’s also very easy to install and comes with all of the hardware required to fix it in place.

If you want to start maximizing your storage space the Ceiling Bike Lift is the perfect place to start. You can get one for just $29.99 at Smart Home.

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