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Beyond Microwave
Most of us definitely aren’t gourmet chefs judging by the type of dinners we take every day. Most of the time we mindlessly pop in a frozen TV dinner into the microwave, close the door, set the estimated cooking time, and wait. If it doesn’t quite turn out right in the beginning, we either increase the power and time via experience before a piping hot meal is ready for our consumption. Of course, there are always people on the far end of the spectrum who might not even comprehend the ease of using a microwave oven.

This is where the Beyond Microwave Oven comes in handy. You don’t have to fill your head with microwave jargon such as half-power and differing cooking times for various frozen meals such as fish and chicken. All you need to do is to scan the barcode on the food package and let the Beyond Microwave Oven to the rest while you wait for a perfectly cooked meal. Features include a stainless steel front that will enhance any kitchen’s look, while the LCD display has a bright, blue backlight that makes it all the more easier to read.

The Beyond Microwave Oven is equipped with over 4,000 UPC barcodes, so unless your eating habits border on the freakish, this home appliance ought to be able to handle nearly anything thrown at it. It is even smart enough to program new items as they arrive in stores via the learn function. Yes, it sounds like magic, we know, but some things in life are just too good to be true. Pick up the Beyond Microwave Oven today from Smart Home for $149.99.

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