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by Mike

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You’ve got your $2,000 MacBook Pro, but the silver pain job just isn’t doing it for you. Maybe you want a unique iPod, considering everyone else has one, too. Colorware tailors exactly to you, the people with too much money!

Colorware is a third party vendor that will take your gadgets and give them a new paint job. They do a wide variety of products, including most of the current Mac lineup, except the Mac Pro. That includes Nanos and 5Gs. They also do a few Dells, only laptops though.

There are two options for getting your gadget colorized, you can either buy it new from the Colorware site, or ship it to them after you’ve bought it (and pay outrageous shipping fees most likely)

On the Colorware site there’s a nice flash interface that lists all the colors and lets you preview your gadget. This service definitely doesn’t come cheap. For example, you’re going to pay a premium of $75 to get your 5G iPod colored and $65 to get your Nano colored. Laptops only get more expensive, to send your MacBook in and get it colored is going to cost you $450.

Unless you’re really, really attracted to this kind of service, I doubt you’ll even consider paying that much of a premium for it, although being the only one to have a orange and white iPod sounds pretty cool. An extra $100 for the black MacBook doesn’t sound that bad anymore.

Unfortunately Colorware does not accept any international orders at this time.

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ColorWare Says: October 18, 2006 at 9:46 am

Actually, ColorWare does accept international orders for new products. It is only the coloring service that is limited to the U.S.

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