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Pill Mate
At the pace our lives are going these days, we just cannot make do without all the vitamin supplements and miscellaneous pills that we pop down on a daily basis in order to combat the everyday stress caused by traffic jams, irritating co-workers, on-the-job stress, and relationship problems.

The only problem is, we often forget what to take or whether we have popped the necessary pills. A practical solution can be found in the form of those plastic pill boxes that are separated into seven compartments, where the cover of each compartment is printed with the day’s initial.

The Pill Mate is a natural evolution of the idea, where the standard issue pill box comes with its fair share of electronics that let you carry on with your life without having the extra stress of trying to remember whether you have downed the day’s supplements. It is equipped with a smart timer that will remind you of your medicinal routine. The smart timer is capable of alerting you up to four times in a single day, and the LED indicator comes in handy letting you know which interval is up at the moment.

It works great with both the young and the old alike, and is even more effective in the hands of a senior citizen. The combination of audio and visual alerts is a great idea as the elderly often suffer from degradation of some sort in either sense. The only drawback would be teaching them to set the time and number of intervals, as older folks tend to be more technologically averse. However, there is nothing quite like a patient teacher to bring out the best in his or her student.

The Pill Timer costs just $19.99 and is powered by either a couple of AA batteries or an AC adapter, making this a truly convenient travel companion as AA batteries are universal. Available from Smart Home.

Thanks to Vacation in Las Vegas for helping out with this one.

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