Hand Steady

by Liam

Hand Steady
I really like this idea for a gadget as it could really help out a lot of people in such a cool and unique way. The Handy Steady gadget allows people with hand tremors to enjoy a good cup of coffee, tea or any other drink without fear of spilling it.

I’ve seen elderly people who have shaky hands trying to drink before and it doesn’t look very fun. This gadget provides a simple solution to the problem using gravity to solve the problem and steady the cup no matter how badly it is being shaken.

The cup is easily slid into the holder and from then on the user only has to hold it up by the handle. The mechanism will use the power of gravity to hold the cup steady by sliding the cup’s holder around so no matter if the handle is turned at an odd angle the cup will still be standing straight.

Because of its great cause and great design this invention has been awarded the 2006 Design for Disability Award by Lord Snowdon which is a great honour. Hopefully it will be perfected and be in retail by 2008 so if you have someone in your life with tremors you might want to keep updated on this revolutionary gadget. For more information you can view the Hand Steady website.

Found via PopGadget

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