Textable Display Ball

Textable Display Ball
If you find text-messages boring and you want a cool way to spice up your SMS communications, the Textable Display could be just the thing for you. Shaped like a futuristic crystal ball this odd gadget has its own phone number which you can use to send it text messages which are displayed in a colorful and interesting fashion.

It’s very simple to use. The ball is setup just like a mobile phone with its own SIM card for receiving SMS messages. When you send a message to the special number you are given it will appear on the Textable Display in bright colors for everyone to see.

A cool thing about it is that the device is actually connecting to cellular networks which makes it a whole lot cooler than other similar gadgets which can just receive messages from radio transmitters. The number that comes with it is actually a real phone number so you could use it to receive text messages in place of your mobile phone. You could even use it to message home if you wanted a fun way to let your family know where you are.

It is 28cm (about a foot) in diameter and can be set on a desk or even mounted to the ceiling with the included hardware. It can display your textual messages and even images or animations on the 85 super bright RGB LEDs. The Textable Display is powered solely by an adapter at 24V and even has 64mb of internal memory for storing images.

You can even use this cool gadget outside since it’s completely water-proof. The dome is constructed of poly-carbonate and is built to last.

Probably the only bad thing about this neat device is its price tag of $940.70. If you definitely need to spice up your SMS life, however, you can pick up a Textable Display at Space Writer.

Via Gearlog