Duck Shooting Gallery

by Tiago

Duck Shooting Gallery

I’m not the type of person to spend money on shooting games at fairs, not because I have a bad aim but mostly due to the expensive factor for 1 or 2 minutes of fun. The Duck Shooting Gallery is just like the games that most fairs have, but this one comes in a small version so you can play at home. You’re mistaken if you think that the festivity status that fairs have will disappear once you begin shooting ducks, why do I say this? Because it comes with some cool sound effects like carnival melodies and gunshot sounds.

The objective of the game is to shoot the static target areas (red circles) while the ducks are behind them, if this happens the ducks will fall and come back to live (get up) a few seconds later. There is an LED counter so you can compete with friends and family during the boring sunday afternoons.

It’s not a real pistol that you will be shooting, there isn’t going to be a bullet or any other kind of small object coming out of it when you decide to fire – it is an infrared pistol and the targets have infrared sensors to check if you really hit the target. The shooting range is 2 meters and the system requires some batteries for the gun and others for the duck platform.

Buy the Duck Shooting Gallery for $45 at IWantOneOfThose.

The better your score, the faster the ducks go, and the faster the scary music plays.

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