Twist & Mist

by Mike

Twist & Mist

When you’re at an amusement park or fair during the summer and it’s 90 degrees and humid out, there’s nothing better than seeing those big tents with mist coming out from the top. When you get back home, you’ve got no tent and you’re just going to have to deal with the heat.

Of course, you could get your own mister. The Twist & Mist will be your own personal mister for when you’re by the pool, on the patio, or even on the hammock.

The Twist & Mist is made of ½ inch braded hose. At one end there’s a connector that will fit on any garden hose. The cool part about the Twist & Mist is the twisting part, you can wrap it around virtually anything allowing you to create a different setup every time. Wrap it around stakes, fences, chains, deck railings, tree branches, anything really! The technology behind this is called “memory” tubing allowing it to stay attached to anything you put it on.

Another use may be for your pets that spend hours outside on a hot day and need a place to cool off. The Twist & Mist is perfect for that, too!

On those hot summer days, pull out your Twist & Mist to make spending time out on the hammock or deck comfortable again. Your kids will love it, too. The Twist & Misty is available from first STREET for $20, and a 7 year extended product replacement guarantee is only $4. Who knows, maybe you’ll want 2.

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