Bug Zapper

by Liam

Bug Zapper
This is one of those gadgets which is really fun to play with, however you wonder if anyone actually uses them for a real purpose. I personally own one and I’m quite sure I’ve never used it for its actual purpose, however I’ve had a lot of fun with it doing just about everything else I could think of.

The Bug Zapper is an appropriately named gadget which could potentially help you get rid of annoying bugs, however it’s great fun for other things too. It is shaped like a tennis racket except instead of plastic strings it has metal wires which, when turned on release high volts of electricity into the object unfortunate enough to come in contact with it.

Alright, I’ll have to admit I lied when I said that I had never used it for its true purpose. When I first got my Bug Zapper I think I went around trying to find a bug who looked at me the wrong way. It’s funny how when you don’t want to find something it’s never around, however when it’s the last thing you want to see it’s always everywhere you look.

After realizing how cool this gadget was I decided to start putting stuff on the Bug Zapper. When I tried a leaf it burnt the edges a little bit, however it wasn’t quite the thing I was looking for. I tried a few more things I found on the ground like bark, grass and a rock (not sure what I was thinking there).

I then thought, wait a minute, why not some metal? That was when it started getting a lot cooler when I tried a coin it started giving off all kinds of sparks and crackling and even jumped around a little bit. I then went through a few metal things until I found the coolest one of all. Tin foil.

Tin foil was by far the coolest reaction, I think it has something to do with how thin it is. Small bits of foil were perfect as they jumped all over the racket with sparks of all different colors when I tried foil with color on it.

The Bug Zapper releases 3000 Volts into the object so it’s a pretty violent shock. I really suggest not touching it, my friend did and he said it really hurt. After that I didn’t really want to try ;).

You can get one at Crazy About Gadgets for just £9.99.

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