Tame your desk with the Keyboard Organizer

by Mike

Keyboard Organizer

Some people just don’t know how to be organized. Their desk is cluttered with random objects; forgotten CDs, random Post-It notes, paper clips, pens, pencils, and other random objects. The Keyboard Organizer aims to fix this.

It’s a pretty simple idea. The Keyboard Organizer is a regular looking keyboard, but it also flips up allowing you to store, neatly at that, all sorts of little things. There are separated compartments, too, nobody likes it when the pens get mixed with the pencils!

Right now there are USB and, yes, even a PS/2 model. They’re available in white and black. Honestly, I wouldn’t go for the white model, it looks way to retro, the black model is pretty cool though. Both are very cheap, retailing for $25.

A new model is in development, it’s sleeker, wireless and backlit. There’s also a wireless mouse included, not exactly sure why. A set of programmable function keys (along the top) are built into the keyboard. This new model with be available in Fall of 2006 and will go for $35, I know, it’s cheap!

These keyboards are great for consolidating, too, maybe you want a totally clear desk; you can store everything under your keyboard instead of a desk organizer. Of course, it’s quite useful for the good old can’t-find-a-thing desk that somebody you know has.

More information along with information on how to buy is available from the Keyboard Organizer site.

[via Uber Gizmo]

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