Inflatable Referee Costume

Inflatable Referee Costume
If you thought the Inflatable Sumo Costume was cool, then you’re definitely going to love the Inflatable Referee Costume. If you need a neat way to make fun of a ref. who wasn’t making the right calls or just want to have a really funny costume to wear, this Inflatable Referee Costume could be the perfect thing for you.

When inflated the costume puffs out to look like a really large referee. It’s great because the arms and legs also puff out so you don’t just look like you have a bunch of pillows stuffed under your shirt.

The suit inflates in just minutes and comes with a belt clip and fan. To power it you’ll need 4 AA batteries which aren’t included.

The suit is 100% polyester and can be hand-washed in cold water. This is good because chances are if you’re trying to eat anything while wearing this suit you’ll end up spilling it all over yourself.

I think that this costume would be a fun way to celebrate a win for your team or just make fun of the referee because it must have been his fault that they lost! It would also be a fun and easy Halloween costume too!

Since the suit just inflates it fits all sizes of people. You can get one for just £34.95 from Boys Stuff.