Candy Floss Maker

by Liam

Candy Floss Maker
I’ll start this by saying I love British expressions. Over here in North American we call it Cotton Candy, although I have to say Candy Floss sounds a lot cooler and makes me think I’m cleaning my teeth instead of rotting them :).

Anyway, the problem with Cotton Candy or Candy Floss is that you can usually only get it at fairs or carnivals and usually then you’re just ready to barf it back up from going on the rides right after. You can also buy it in bags now at stores, however it doesn’t have the light fluffiness that I like in my cotton candy. That’s why the Candy Floss Maker is so perfect; you can make cotton candy or candy floss whenever you want and still get the original texture and flavour!

The contraption is similar to the larger ones at fairs or carnivals. To begin you just have to pour granulated sugar in it and then switch it on. When the machine heats up the liquefied sugar begins to be forced through tiny holes and when the sugar hits the air it cools into the wispy strands we all love.

It’s also very easy to get all the neat colors in your cotton candy that you want by simply adding food coloring.

If you want to start making your parties and events more exciting and tasteful, or you just want to have something good to eat on a Friday night, the Candy Floss Maker is just the thing. You can get one for just £34.95 Firebox.

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Mike Says: August 19, 2006 at 7:19 am

Candy floss is a terrible name! It sounds like something healthy, like you’d get at the dentist, not pure sugar on a stick! 😮

Videos Famosas Gratis Says: March 30, 2010 at 6:26 pm

i think candy floss machine is the ultimate gadget

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