Aigo F029 Digital Watch

Since all PDAs and cellphones come with some sort of time function, the watch has been relegated to the fashion accessory division, losing its allure as a dignified timepiece. The new Aigo F029 aims to restore a little bit of lustre by introducing quite a long list of modern touches that are bound to get any tech-loving person salivating at the mere mention of its specifications and features. If you are currently in the market for a portable entertainment device of some sort, hold your horses and read more about the Aigo F029.

The Aigo F029 boast a full-color OLED screen that has a maximum resolution of 160 x 128 pixels. It not only supports both MP3 and WMA audio (including DRM) file formats, the F029 does video as well. You can watch your favorite shows and music videos that are encoded in the MPEG 4 (XviD and AVI) format.

The sides of the Aigo F029 are peppered with playback and navigation controls, a headphone port, and a mini-USB 2.0 port that is used for speedy data transfer. Since there are no built-in speakers, the only way for you to listen to the audio tracks and movie dialogues within is to plug in a pair of headphones. If only Bluetooth connectivity was included – that way, you won’t have to walk around with unsightly wires dangling from your wrist to your ears.

Unfortunately, the Aigo F029 comes with only 512MB or 1GB worth of internal memory that is hardly sufficient to store a decent amount of video and audio. Battery life rating is currently unavailable, as with the price and availability. Chances are you will have to import one from China if your desire has gotten the better of you.

Source: Dap Review

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  1. I would almost be tempted by that — BUT, like you said: it needs bluetooth and they should have added a mini-SD port instead of built-in memory.

    I’ve got a T-mobile MDA and using it for watching SG-1 ripped from DVD every morning and afternoon on it, and it’s danged-near perfect.

    Still looking for a worthy watch, though.

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