SnugglePuppies Put Mutts to Sleep (in a good way)


Ever listened to a heartrending whimpers of a puppy who could not get to sleep at night because it is separated from its beloved master who is sleeping in a warm and comfortable bed? Most dog owners who reared their pets from young can identify with moments when the puppy just could not get to sleep no matter what, rendering you sleepless as well. You were probably wondering to yourself how you could solve this problem of separation anxiety and perennial insomnia at an affordable cost.

Wonder no more with the introduction of SnugglePuppie. This new solution aims to alleviate or eliminate this problem altogether by using a plush stuffed animal (in the form of a dog, of course) to keep your little mutt company throughout the night. Each SnugglePuppie pack also comes with a couple of disposable heaters that lasts up to 20 hours each.

A terrycloth pouch is also included to provide a renewable heat solution until your puppy outgrows the need for such security. Further comfort is provided via a battery-operated heart as a constant, thumping heartbeat has a strange soothing and relaxing effect on puppies, enabling them to catch their fair share of forty winks through the night watch.

The SnugglePuppie is available in five breeds, namely Bulldog, Brown & White, Dalmation, Brown Mutt, and Black Lab. You can pick one up today for $24.99. Cat lovers who have restless kittens can also check out the SnuggleKittie pack that offers the same accessories, except the plush toys that come in different feline breeds.

The SnugglePuppie and SnuggleKittie solutions leads to an interesting question – can these be used on bawling human babies or even soothe those adult dogs who howl through the entire night for some unknown reason?

Source: ubergizmo.