Logitech QuickCam Pro

by Mike

Quick CamLogitech products have been written about here before, but never one of their web cams.

The QuickCam Pro is a webcam deigned specifically for laptops, meaning it’s small and can latch on to the top of your laptop. To put it in perspective, the QuickCam Pro is the size of an average house key. For carrying your QuickCam Pro around, just use the included carrying case.

For the small form factor, you’re not really sacrificing functionality, it’s 1.3 mega pixels, which is good enough for video conferencing. There’s also Logitech’s RightLight technology, enabling you to use your webcam in virtually any lighting situation.

Also included is Logitech’s Video Effects software package, giving 3D avatars that mimic your facial expressions. That would be fun to play around with. 😀

Yet another Logitech technology is RightSound, giving clear, echo free sound. You can have decent, manageable conversations with either the built-in microphone or a external headset.

The QuickCam Pro is designed to work easily with MSN, AIM, and YIM, which is probably why you want it. You could also use your QuickCam Pro with other video messaging systems, to see your family when your on a trip, or talk to your parents from another country for free (Skype).

In order for this to work decently, it’s gotta be USB 2.0, and I wouldn’t recommend using it with USB 1.1, but it is compatible with it.

This device sure does pack the features, but it has a very, very reasonable price tag, just $99. Get yours from Logitech

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