Inflatable Whirlpool Spa

by Mike

A hot tub that you can pack up and take with you on vacation to the beach, or store in the closet on vacation makes it sound pretty appealing. Not that hot tubs aren’t already appealing, they definitely are. (We’ve actually written about one of these before, but this model is a bit more luxurious.)

Inflatable Whirlpool Spa

The Portable Inflatable Whirlpool Spa is just that, an inflatable hot tub. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t just some piece of cheap plastic, it’ a real, working hot tub. For set-up, you just inflate with the built-in pump, and then fill it up with a hose (250 gallon capacity). The built-in pump, which has a filter, continuously circulates the water to keep it fresh.

Temperature is controlled by the control panel, also built-in, just the touch of a button to make it hotter or colder. The turbojets will keep you, and up to three others, relaxed and comfortable in the hot tub.

Don’t worry about punctures or ripping, the hot tub is constructed with extremely durable SK80 vinyl, which is used in white water rafts, so a little wear and tear is nothing. Also included is a lockable cover for when the hot tub isn’t in use.

All you need to power your hot tub is a standard AC outlet. Moving it might be a bit of heavy lifting, though, it weighs 89 pounds unfilled. Don’t bother trying when it’s filled.

The Inflatable Whirlpool Spa is a cool idea, a good looking hot tub that isn’t permanent, and can be moved. You don’t even need someone to install it. Available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $899.

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