The Floating Bed!

The Floating Bed!
Oh my gosh! This invention makes me so mad! When I was in grade 8 I definitely invented this! OK, well maybe I just drew a picture of it for an English assignment, however It’s suspiciously similar to my ideas. I think I’ll have to give my old English teacher a call and see if she’s patented any new technologies lately ;).

Anyway this is a very cool invention and I’m amazed someone actually created it. The bed works on a system of repelling magnets some of which are embedded in the floor with others on the bottom of the bed to create a repelling action allowing the bed to float in the air!

Now, they’ve also factored in something my “plans” accounted for as well. I think they’ve done a lot cheaper job than I had in mind, however it’s not quite as cool. The problem with reverse magnets is that the one on top will always drift to the side, trying to find the side which will attract it. My idea was to simply cover the entire floor with magnets, however they’ve taken a bit of a simpler approach to the problem by tethering the bed in place with thin metal cables.

The bed has a very sleek and stylish design which looks like something straight out of the future. As of yet, however, it isn’t all that comfortable since it’s basically just a floating block. In the future, though, it will have all of the luxuries we take for granted in our gravity-obeying beds such as mattresses and cushioning.

The worst thing about this bed, however, is its incredibly expensive price tag. I don’t think too many people will be forking out 1.2 million euros ($1.54 million) for a floating bed just yet but hopefully they will improve the technology allowing a cheaper production of the bed.

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