The Cork Catcher

by Liam

The Cork Catcher
We’ve all seen it in movies time after time, however there’s now no need for you to have to break that precious vase or knock out someone’s eye! The Cork Catcher allows you to festively open your bottle of champagne safely while still retaining the full popping effect which we all know is why people buy champagne in the first place ;).

It’s very simple to use so you don’t have to waste any of your special occasion fiddling with some gadget. You simply place the Cork Catcher over the top of the bottle then turn the bottle while holding the Cork Catcher in place.

The cork still gives its satisfying pop as it shoots out but won’t fly away as it gets stuck in the Cork Catcher so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your friends and family at the hands of the deadly cork!

The Cork Catcher goes for £20.00 and is available from Wineware.

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