Banana Cellphone Holder

Banana Phone HolderIf you’ve always wanted a talking banana then your dreams have been answered thanks to the banana cell phone holder.

I’m not sure who would buy one of these but if you see somebody talking to one you might want to cross the street, I did like Ohgzmo’s name for potential users, geektards.

Available from (as if you care) Fred Flare, found on The Bag Lady via Shiny Shiny via Oh Gizmo.

3 thoughts on “Banana Cellphone Holder”

  1. Tell me more about this banana phone… too bad i dont hav a phone to put it on either 🙁 my friends would be so jelous…

  2. hmmmm….my phone ish too big….its a slidy one but it slides into a keyboard….will it work with a gravity 3?

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