iGolf GPS Caddie

by Liam

iGolf GPS Caddie
This is a really neat gadget which could give a cool technical edge on other golfers by having an overview of the game. The iGolf GPS Caddie allows you to have maps of courses and get distances from your current position to the green in the palm of your hand!

The amazing little gadget allows you to let it learn the course by you teaching it, or for a fee you can register to iGolf’s online website (igolf.com) and download maps of courses. From their website you can download courses from anywhere in the world, allowing you to have flawless measuring power.

You can get a reading in yards of how far you are to the front, center, or back of the green as well as seeing all of the hazards in your way such as sand and water traps. If you choose to make your own maps you can designate up to 11 distance markers and 8 additional points for each hole! Another handy feature is that it can learn your shot distance with each club to make club selection even easier.

The device is powered by 2 AA batteries which last for 14 hours of use so you can get at least a couple of games in with each set of batteries. It’s also very small and portable weighing just 6.3 oz with batteries and is 4.62″ X 2.18″ X 1.31″ in dimension.

If you want to start improving your golf game the gadget way, why not get an iGolf GPS Caddie. They are available for $229.99 from Smart Home.

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