Bluetooth-Enabled Jacket

by Mike

Bluetooth-enabled jacket The Flame 5 Bluetooth-enabled jacket is for those who need a more discreet way to receive calls and messages. Vibrate mode just isn’t enough for some people.

The jacket heats up a certain spot depending on the person whom the incoming message is from. That’s pretty much all of its functionality.

I can’t imagine ever using this, I’d end up forgetting who heats up my stomach and who heats up my shoulder, etc. Setting this thing up would probably be a pain, too.

The Flame 5 Bluetooth-enabled jacket isn’t available in stores, and if it ever does show up, I’m guessing it will be short-lived and expensive. It sounds cool, though.

[via Uber Gizmo]

One review or comment

Mark Says: August 10, 2006 at 3:10 pm

I think this is a very good idea but women would think they are having a hot flush every now and then, like the concept thou new ideas are what the future is all about.

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