LintEater – Clean Your Dryer Vents

LintEater - Clean Your Dryer Vents
Your dryer’s vents will eventually build up lint inside of them, and an excess of lint in the vents can become dangerous if it begins blocking the airflow through the vent which could cause a fire. With the LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning System, however, you get all of the parts you need to start cleaning out your vents.

The kit is very compatible with just about any dryer whether it has metal, foil, or vinyl vents. There are many different attachments and brushes as well so you can use the ones that are most effective for your situation.

There are five 36″ long flexible rods which can be screwed together to give you a total 15′ of reaching power. With various attachments you can create blowing power to clean your vents by attaching a shop vacuum or blower to the end of the rods. You can even attach a power drill to the end so you can get a spinning action to rip away all of the tough lint. There is even a dryer adapter which you can attach to the dryer and use the dryer air to remove lint while rotary brushing if you don’t have a shop vacuum or blower.

If you want to start keeping a cleaner dryer vent system as well as blocking a potential fire-hazard, you should consider a LintEater. You can get a kit for just $33.99 from Smart Home. Also, if you have a longer dryer vent than 15′ you can buy a 12-Foot Extension Rod for $15.99.

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  1. When I saw the title I was expecting a robotic insect that would scurry around eating lint, so disappointed to hear it’s just a brush.

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