DootitLEDs are pretty sweet. They’re extremely bright, and require very little electricity, which means a very long battery life.

Some places just don’t have proper lighting (cabinets, garages, night) and instead of groping around, just grab one of Sylvania’s DOT-its. The DOT-it is a small, circular light that utilizes three extremely bright white LEDs for brightness.

The DOT-it also has an adhesive back, which sticks to just about anything without leaving any residue behind. The adhesive isn’t just a one time use, it sticks and re-sticks every time.

Using the DOT-it is simple, just push the top, and it turns on. Push it again, and it turns off. A great place for the DOT-it would be in a cabinet or closet that wouldn’t have light otherwise.

The DOT-it is powered by three triple A batteries. It’s suggested that you replace the batteries every 100 hours for optimal brightness.

The DOT-it comes in a wide variety of colors including silver, black, pink, orange, red, and yellow. Definitely a color for everyone.

I actually own a DOT-it, and my only complaint is that if left in a bag, it can easily turn on and waste battery life, but other than that, it’s a great little light, and for only $10, it’s a steal. Find it at Amazon.