Death Sauce!

Death Sauce!
If you think you’re tough, why not try a little bit of Death Sauce? Death Sauce is possibly the world’s hottest sauce at a whopping 750 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper!

This sauce is incredibly hot and can probably not be eaten by most. It hails from New Jersey and features some of the hottest ingredients out there such as lethal red harbanero pods.

This sauce is so hot that it is NOT recommended that you eat it undiluted. Eating the sauce without diluting it with something else may just have steam coming out your ears!

If you think you can handle the heat, you can order a bottle for £9.95 from Boys Stuff. You also get a free skull key chain with it which can be given to whoever has the guts to eat some!

Just as a tip, drinking water isn’t the best idea after eating some of hot sauce of any kind as it can actually make it hotter. If you need something to cool down your mouth with milk works great ;).

20 thoughts on “Death Sauce!”

  1. Yup this is some seriously hot hot sauce! Not for the faint hearted, it highlights that saying of there being a fine line between pain and pleasure.

  2. I’m skeptical that it is any hotter than Da’ Bomb- The Final Answer. Will be forced to do a side by side comparison. What’s the scoville rating?

  3. Tried it. It’s definately hot hot hot! i only had a drop on my finger and it still was lingering around 30 minuets later. When you purchase it you have to sign a waiver. It’s that hot!

  4. FYI: “Da’ Bomb-Final Answer” has a scoville rating of 1.5 million. “Death Sauce” would have a scoville rating of around 2.25 million. “The Source Hot Sauce” has a scoville rating of 7.1 million making the hottest I have ever seen.

  5. What a bullshit – why not to open your abdominals put the liver out and flush it down the toilet – anyone who thinks that hot is always healthy should think twice – anything hotter than wasabi is a kill to you digestive system sooner or later…
    For “tough guys”: lets talk in few years….


  6. How do I order some of this from Aluquerque New Mexcio. I need to make some hot jerky and I think this would work great to keep those early morning hunt trips interesting.

  7. What is the point of hot sauce that is so hot you give yourself stomach ulcers, your nose runs, and your eyeballs sweat for a week? The purpose of a hot sauce is the same for any other condiment on the shelves of the grocery store, to enhance the flavors of the food it is put on. After dousing or adding something so stupidly hot what do you taste besides the sauce if you taste anything at all?
    Get a life and grow up people, the life of oneupmanship should have died in high school or the first year of college.

  8. I make Jabanero sauce all the time that is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more than 750 times hotter than a Jalapeno……..geez………Jalapenos are like candy…..

  9. I have at least 25 bottles of other brands that are way hotter than this weak stuff… even has warnings about not using it if you have heart or breathing problems……now that’s fairly hot…..I used a weaker version on some chicken breasts and after a few bites I could no nlonger hear anything…..but it was yummy………

  10. Actually, a green harbenaro would’ve been hotter, young peppers are hotter than mature ones as a defense against animals that would them, esp. before they mature, but things like this aren’t for me.

  11. It’s amusing reading some of the comments, I don’t see it as being oneupmanship to be honest. After you get used to the heat you actually do still get to taste all the flavours of the meal and the subtle flavours hidden in the hot sauce. As for Blairs 3am, that is not a sauce it’s an ingredient! I use it for my own hot sauce range to add that extra kick. The hottest stuff is Blairs 16million reserve which is pure capsicum in crystalised form with a rating of 16 million scovies, now that is truly hot and comes with a good few health warnings.

    As for peppers being hotter when they are younger is something I am not certain about, they tend to get hotter as they mature, the heat difference is quite noticable.

  12. Don’t know, I love real hot sauce. For me its difficult to find sauce worthy to be labeled “hot” sauce.

    Ro: There are some of us out there that can handle “something so stupidly hot”….thats why they make it for us 🙂

    Peter: If you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen as they say lol. It isn’t really a tough guy thing for some, rather just what we like…its good, hobaneros have a flavor all their own!

    Mike: Your right about the natural defense for some plants but your oh so wrong when it pertains to peppers.(don’t just take my word for it…check a scovie chart)
    Starve a pepper of water and let it hang out on the vine a while and that wonderful red=wonderful heat.

  13. I have this sauce and can recommend it. It’s best to take it round the office for ego contests.

    I’ve also come across this stuff, also from Blair:

    It’s pure capsaicin, measuring 16,000,000 on the Scoville Scale. At £150 quid a pop (with current exchange rates) it’s a bit on the pricey side though… But think of the sabotage options open to you when you drop one of those bad boys in to your mates cup-a-soup.

  14. the source is the hottest in the world at 7.1 million scovilles, i actually tried a drop from a toothpick 2 days ago. It is so strong that the burning in the mouth lasts 2 hours and after it hits the stomach you get really sick and start to get hot and you throw up everything, which helps alot. Before you throw up, you have serious pains that shoot through your stomach causing you to feel deathly. You must sign a waver to even try a small drop saying that you are doing it at your own risk. It is absolutely amazing, and can be fatal or result in death. I am looking forward to doing it again.

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